Emma Cory Yoga

Emma Cory is a 500hour Knoff Yoga certified teacher and dedicated practitioner of yoga. She has been practicing yoga for more than ten years and teaching since 2009.  She is influenced by a number of yoga traditions and lovingly places the heart of her teaching in the traditions of Ashtanga vinyasa & Iyengar yoga, as taught by her teachers  Nicky Knoff,  Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine) and Elena Brower.

Emma returned to her home of Scarborough in Perth in 2017 after spending several years living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she taught yoga to western and eastern students as well as Saudi women.  During her time in the Gulf region Emma provided mentorship to the emerging community of female Saudi Arabian teachers. She was also a contributor to the popular Yoga Life Middle East magazine. 

Emma loves to see the change that happens in students both on and off the mat as they discover the joys and path of yoga.  She has a particular interest in women's health and assists students in their pregnancy and birthing journey as a yoga teacher and Doula.

As a lover of travel and yoga retreats she embraces being a part of the global yoga community. She lives by the Indian Ocean with her beloved husband and two glorious daughters. See more of Emma's yoga travels.

"Let your knowledge become your understanding,"  Elena Brower.
During the three years I attended classes with Emma my practice grew in strength building levels of confidence and self belief as well as a deeper knowledge of yoga and well being. Emma teaches with passion and precision, constantly challenging her students accompanied by a healthy dose of light heartedness.
— Agnese Appleby, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Latvia)


Emma is a 500 hour qualified Knoff Yoga teacher who continues to embrace her experiences, education and training.  Knoff Yoga incorporates the alignment focus of Iyengar yoga with the dynamic movements of the ashtanga yoga method. 

With Master teacher Nicky Knoff she has also studied yoga therapy for mental and physical health, chair yoga, pregnancy and post-natal yoga.  She has supported Nicky Knoff workshops in the Middle East for several years and most recently in Austria.

She is currently undertaking an additional 500 hour qualification with US based Yoga Medicine teacher Tiffany Cruikshank, focusing on the biomechanics, anatomy and physiology within the traditional yoga framework.





Since returning to Perth Emma has also completed an additional training specialising in Pregnancy and Birth through WA owned training school Mindful Birth.  

She is a devotee of Tara Brach mindfulness meditation teachings.

In 2015 she studied with Elena Brower in Istanbul and has been hooked on her on-line practice and teachings ever since. 

Today Emma explores workshops, home grown legends and international teachers wherever and whenever she can.