Yoga classes

Classes are Iyengar and Ashtanga vinyasa influenced and maintain a link to the direct lineages of traditional yoga. They are taught with a dash of humour and a large helping of mindfulness and  integrity.  Classes are designed to nurture your lived experience of the practice.

Sequencing is balanced to include asana (yoga postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation.  


Providing an opportunity to create a strong foundation and learn the basics of asana, meditation and pranayama (breath control). You are encouraged to learn alignment in key yoga poses which enable a smoother transition to other classes.  Six week courses are offered at Scarborough Yoga Centre.


Using a mindfulness framework through-out the practice you will provide essential nourishment, hydration and stillness to your physical and mental framework.

The ultimate in opening and relaxing yin is a quiet introspective practice where you are encouraged to hold seated poses for longer periods of time as we work on both the connective tissues and parasympathetic nervous systems.  You will find your body becomes more flexible, that you are able to become comfortable with a sense of quiet and stillness even when the body is experiencing various sensations and that you have a new found body mind awareness.

This deeply relaxing class uses props to support you as you move towards stillness, balance emotions and increase resiliency of body and mind. 

Align YOGA

Align yoga based on Knoff Yoga is  based on Hatha and Iyengar traditions and incorporates some more dynamic Ashtanga vinyasa movement.  You will be able to explore traditional yoga poses and enjoy longer holds to create long lean muscle.  With a strong focus on refining alignment as well as increasing flexibility you will enjoy standing postures, seated postures and some great techniques to build strength in your inversions.  Suitable for all levels wishing to refine their alignment and build strength.


Vinyasa classes link breath to asana movement at a more intensified pace.  A more dynamic class which works on the elasticity and strength of the muscles in partnership with breath control.  You will develop strength and stamina in this mindful movement class.