Pregnancy, Birth PRESENCE & BEYOND

Emma is mother to two beautiful strong girls, an experienced pregnancy & beyond teacher and a trained Doula.  She is passionate about the well-being and empowerment of mother to be.  Her lived experiences as mother, teacher and doula are part of her teachings.

Loving kindness, compassion and attention to self are key elements of her teachings. 

She is an advocate for all choices in child birth and provides a space for mothers to feel respected and empowered in the pregnancy and birthing journey.

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way for you to prepare your breath, body and mind for labour, birth, motherhood and the transformations that arise on the way.  Discover tools that provide safe, inspiring, nurturing and grounded support for you and your baby in pregnancy.

Classes awaken the body, stabilise and strengthen structure, and soften and release tension, allowing a gentle opening to the changing nature of pregnancy and motherhood.  Learning to breathe and respond to changes in the breath are an integral part of her teachings. 

Courage, empowerment, kindness to self and resilience become the practice.

Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques are included.  

Emma has completed two teacher trainings in Pregnancy and Birthing; one with Knoff  Yoga (Yoga Therapy & Pregnancy Yoga August 2013)  and Mindful Birth in Perth (2017). Emma is a pregnancy and active birth specialist and is available for group or private sessions.


Post-natal classes are designed to ease the tensions and rigours of pregnancy, birthing, nursing and adapting to your new life as a nurturer and parent.

Attention is given to recovery, self care, restoration and re-building key muscle areas after delivery.